Design for People. Design with a Purpose.
Your customer needs something from you, and they’re ready to pay for it. So what’s the hold up?
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Don’t Design an Interface. Design an Experience.
Address the fundamental needs of your customer beyond the interface (UI). That is where the value is. You have to earn customer engagement. Experience design is more than the beauty of the interface. We can help you understand why and how people will use it.
Art & Science
are the

embodiment of the experience
We are not beholden to either—only to the experience. When designing a custom experience, you must be conscious of the two most common product killers: speed and quality. You need a quality product, and you need it quickly to see your return on investment.
Thoughts on Speed & Quality
Speed and quality are not diametrically opposed
You’re taking a product to market, and you need to move quickly. Your instinct is to start building, but you need a plan. You can do both, starting with some lean, iterative design. Expand upon that design foundation as you build, scaling as you go, and beat your competitors to market.
Your product must meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. From the start, your team needs to be focused on designing and delivering a solid, satisfying experience. With the right tools, practices, and approach, you can set that bar high and clear it.
You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Speed for Quality.
Beyond the Looking Glass
We don’t just design things under glass screens. We live where digital and physical design intersect. We see our work as delivering a holistic experience—not just disparate designs. Our passion is in creating something of value for the user, regardless of the medium.
Digital comes to your desktop—and we’re not talking about your cute laptop either.
Redefining Work
When Herman Miller, a furniture design icon, wanted to move into the digital scene, they turned to us to design their mobile application. But our experience design expertise went well beyond just the application. We worked with Herman Miller to develop the vibration patterns and lighting choreography that accompany mobile push notifications, creating intuitive “nudges” that remind people to move throughout the day.
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