We build custom software that solves real problems.
Does that mean there is no consideration for build vs. buy?
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Why Not Both?
The old way of thinking says it has to be one or the other. We say NO! Pay for exactly what you want with perfectly crafted solutions that don’t have to break the bank. We will save you time, money, and resources.
Go ahead, Have your cake and eat it too!
Enter: Cloud Native
We use this approach to building applications because it allows you to take full advantage of the cloud from day one. It isn’t shoved into or retrofitted for the cloud. It’s built for it. The Payoff? Faster time to market, increased cycle speed, reduced maintenance, and automated best practices.
The Five
Cloud Native Pillars
Monolithic backends died with the video rental store. It’s time to make your application infinitely scalable while maximizing your development efficiency.
Managed Services
Why spend months reinventing the wheel? Full-stack hosted environments like Amazon Web Services provide managed services that can be the backbone of your experience.
Continuous Delivery
Manual deployments are relics of the past. All new initiatives need to have automated testing, validation, and deployment from the first sprint.
Your users won’t wait for you to buy more servers. Your application needs to expand and contract as needed, without waking someone up at 2 a.m.
Do you really want to rely on humans to keep your app secure? The cloud provides security beyond what you can achieve in your data center.
To get where you need to go quickly and be in for the long haul,
buy what you should buy and build what you should build
The Cloud Native Amazon Web Services Approach
Build now what will help you continually innovate in the future. If custom solutions are what you need, then custom solutions are what you should build. Why settle for anything less?
Creating new cloud native experiences does not have to be a disruptive process.
Application Maturity
Cloud Capable
Cloud Enabled
Cloud Native
We can help you get there.
This is where we save you time and money and it just happens to be in our sweet spot.
What’s Next?
Check out this video. Our Head of Technology explains how we built a cloud native solution specifically to SHOW what is possible. In four weeks we launched an IoT application to analyze consumer sentiment through facial expressions.
It’s What We Do
We build highly technical custom experiences. From building a cloud platform for analyzing the human genome to creating a web application that revolutionizes real-time logistical analytics, we solve the hardest problems with modern architecture, agile processes, and wicked smart developers.
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